" Talented Shreya Ghoshal "

Lady I cannot judge you
I cannot judge your reputation
Nor your status
Because you have already reached the maximum place
I can inspire you
Because I am already esprit de corps of you
Not a fan ,
A devotee of you
How let my respectable feelings
 a frozen listener front of your enthusiastic style
Thank god ,
 you made such a talented, cultured character
This huge standard clap is for your talent
For making us so relaxed with your voice

   Ending with Endless thankfulness 

| Anu Perera

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About Anu Perera

Anu Perera is an Author by publishing her first novel "HIKO". Anu has written more than 70 of articles to Siththam Maya Blog and has shown her colors to the readers. Some of Her articles smell radicality while giving a message to the whole society.
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