You cannot judge me through face book. 
My character, my attitudes, my emotions .... 
yes you cannot get into a clear conclusion instead of been my close friend. 
You may say that um a proudy girl,
 i agree with you. 
If you are already take decisions for a late "hie" 
you are feel free to "unfriend" or "block" Anu Perera
as I love to keep the best remaining friends in my life. 
Leavers are already taken permission to leave. 
I dont wish to have bunch of fake friends.
 I just wanna have the best best n 
ever best friends in-need n indeed

            With lots of love for my all true friends

             | Anu Perera

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About Anu Perera

Anu Perera is an Author by publishing her first novel "HIKO". Anu has written more than 70 of articles to Siththam Maya Blog and has shown her colors to the readers. Some of Her articles smell radicality while giving a message to the whole society.
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