Yah ! I luv myself

Yah ! I luv myself

Yah ! I luv myself | Anu Perera

According to me,
I was born to be perfect
Perfect with lots of smiles
I don’t care
The cast, color, height,
Of those who are fitted to me
I love loud laughs
Crazy shouts
With my around guys
I have the most hardest heart
To bear big rock sads
I have the most soften heart
To sensitive all big laughs
And you know what
I have unbearable
various types of friends in my friend circle
Nor fakers
Inneeders and indeeders
So why don’t you join with me to my pool
You may deny
If you do not have a HUMANITY fullest heart

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About Anu Perera

Anu Perera is an Author by publishing her first novel "HIKO". Anu has written more than 70 of articles to Siththam Maya Blog and has shown her colors to the readers. Some of Her articles smell radicality while giving a message to the whole society.
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